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    KODEN 19-inch Color LCD MDC-7910




    Reliable safety quality


    Functional improvement

    The image is clear and high-speed sampling in short distance.

    Automatic gain operation is simple.

    Improve visibility through automatic STC.

    Remote tracball via USB is a simple and easy operation.

    TT (ARPA) function as standard

    Built-in TT (ARPA) can track up to 100 targets.

    Optional automatic or manual acquisition.

    AIS interface as standard configuration

    Built-in AIS interface, can display up to 1000 targets.

    Map overlay

    C-Map charts (NT MAX)* can be superimposed on radar screens to provide clear radar images of coastlines, buoys and other functions. C-Map NT MAX "Global" background icon benchmark is built-in.

    * Provided by the owner. Only basic chart information. C-Map does not provide additional functions, such as photo instructions.

    Keyboard Operating Unit

    Radar has a separate operation unit, the user can install the position by himself.

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