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    FURUNO VSAT------Ku-band satellite antenna FV-110

    Classification:Radio Navigation System for External Communication



    High performance Ku-band antenna.

    FURUNO has brought Ku-band VSAT communication solutions to the maritime industry to meet the growing demand for more bandwidth at sea. VSAT provides broadband communications at sea at a rate comparable to the data rates we are accustomed to using onshore. VSAT provides an economical and effective way for maritime broadband communications through its monthly fixed communication rate, allowing shipowners to budget air time rates without charging any unexpected fares. Headquarters ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can be extended to ships through VPN (Virtual Private Network). This means that duty personnel and crew members can now take advantage of more bandwidth-demanding applications, such as videoconferencing and downloading, streaming video-on-demand and other applications, without worrying about communication costs, thanks to flat communication rates.

    This will completely change maritime communications, and the level of business and social communication through this new service will continue to improve. Navigators can obtain weather and chart updates online to optimize their route planning and monitoring tasks, while all crew members can still enjoy the convenience of the Internet, e-mail and voice calls to headquarters or their friends and family through a terminal. It will greatly improve the efficiency of information on board ships. It will change the way seafarers and ships communicate, just as shore broadband data communications pave the way for the broadband IP era.


    Support for various modem types (iDirect, Comtech, etc.)

    The deck equipment (ADE) and the lower deck (BDU) can be easily installed with only one cable.

    Operating two antenna systems on a single modem to cope with increased redundancy

    Easy maintenance through hatches in antenna units

    Global support and services

    Antenna reflector size: 1.03 M

    Antenna weight: 126.5 kg


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