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    FURUNO Shipboard broadband FELCOM500

    Classification:Radio Navigation System for External Communication



    Shipborne broadband brings shipborne operation and social communication in the era of broadband IP.

    FELCOM250 and FELCOM500 are the new Inmarsat Fleet Broadband terminals in Guye. They use the latest generation of Inmarsat I-4 satellite and provide 432 Kbps of ship-to-ship broadband and voice communications.

    FleetBroadband provides data communication services, sharing bandwidth (standard IP up to 432 kbps) and dedicated data rate (streaming IP up to 256 kbps). Most importantly, users can use ISDN data services* and fax communications.

    FELCOM250 and FELCOM500 will provide cost-effective broadband communications on board to meet various needs, including operational and social purposes, including bringing their friends and family home at sea.

    * Applicable only to FELCOM500

    Characteristics of FELCOM250/FELCOM500

    Provide a variety of maritime broadband communications services.

    Access voice and high-speed data communication at the same time.

    Global coverage through three Inmarsat-4 satellites (except in the polar regions)

    IP mobile phone and IP-PBX merge.

    By using switching hubs, multiple IP handsets can be merged into the network.

    Wireless IP phones can be used. (Wireless LAN access points are required)

    Configuration settings do not require dedicated software. (Including Web server functionality)

    The compact antenna unit simplifies the installation, with a diameter of about 60 centimeters and a weight of about 20 kilograms. (FELCOM500)

    The communication unit supports all major communication systems with ports to facilitate Plug and Play system integration.

    The built-in NAT router helps to integrate the network into the Internet smoothly.

    Available indicators. (Optional supply)

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