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  • Copernicus Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Detection and Control System Product Presentation

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    Now UAV is widely used in aerial photography, surveying and mapping, agriculture, communications, industry and other fields, playing a huge role. At the same time, UAV, as a common high-tech product, has also entered the homes of ordinary people. More and more people take UAV flight as a hobby, but it has caused a series of "black flight" problems.

    At the product launch on December 28, our company announced the launch of the latest Copernicus UAV detection and control system. On the spot, Copernicus also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Taizhou Newspaper Network Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct in-depth cooperation in product promotion, sales and R&D, including UAV detection and control system.


    This system can effectively solve the serious problem of "black flight" of unmanned aerial vehicles at home and abroad in recent years, and fill the gaps in the technology of detecting and controlling "black flight" of unmanned aerial vehicles in our country. Copernicus UAV detection and control system is a product developed to meet the national demand for UAV black flight control and the need for orderly management in low altitude areas. The technology used is more advanced than the similar products on the market. Among them, UAV passive detection equipment can realize passive detection and identification of "Black Fly" UAV, which fills the technical gap of UAV detection and control system in the current market.

    The detection and control system of Copney UAV includes passive detection equipment, police UAV control equipment and distributed UAV countermeasure equipment. Among them, passive detection equipment can quickly detect and identify the "Black Fly" UAV passively; UAV control equipment can drive common UAVs away and make forced landing in situ; distributed UAV countermeasure equipment can operate at a distance of up to 3 kilometers, with a maximum range of 28 square kilometers.

    The UAV reconnaissance and control system has four main features: full-scale reconnaissance aircraft, which can effectively detect and control more than 90% of the consumer UAV in the market; long reconnaissance distance, under normal circumstances, can reach 12 kilometers, the reverse distance can reach more than 3 kilometers; high positioning accuracy, angle resolution of UAV can reach 2 degrees; After the UAV is found, it can automatically start the automatic evacuation or forced landing of the threatening target, or it can manually control the control equipment and start the counter-control according to the specific situation. At present, the detection and control system of Copernicus UAV is in the first echelon in China in terms of parameters such as detection distance, detection accuracy, coverage type and system integrity.

    Copney UAV Detection and Control System Product Presentation Video!

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